Losing weight on Paleo

Why Some People Don’t Lose Weight on the Paleo Diet

Paleo weight loss results are very often pretty spectacular – and easily achieved. But it is true that not everyone will lose weight with paleo. I’d apologize, but actually it’s nothing to worry about.

Seriously – don’t start thinking that it won’t work! Most people are very likely to experience weight loss on paleo, but some will maintain their weight, others may even gain weight.

Don’t panic!

If you don’t lose weight on a paleo diet there will be a very good reason for it, and it’s this:

You don’t need to!

The great thing about the paleo diet is that you’ll be giving your body the food it was designed to run on. And your body is smart! Given the right food, i.e. paleo food, it will start taking you towards your ideal weight, usually quite quickly.

The Paleo Weight Loss Plan

So, if you need to lose weight then a paleo weight loss plan is perfect.

If, however, you don’t need to lose weight but you do need to lose some fat and gain some lean muscle – perfect again – the paleo diet is for so much more than weight loss! So you might not actually lose weight, but you’ll end up looking fantastic! (and isn’t that what most of us are after?)

The only time you’re actually likely to gain weight on a paleo diet is if you’re just too skinny and you really need to put on weight. Chance are that’s not you or you wouldn’t be reading a Paleo Diet Weight Loss blog!

So there it is – the paleo weight loss stories are true, you will certainly lose weight on paleo – if you need to. And otherwise you’re more likely to see a redistribution – less belly fat, thinner thighs, more lean muscle in your arms and shoulders, especially if you do some exercise in that area – and ladies, don’t worry, you won’t get huge, bulging biceps, just a strong, lean athletic look!

Here’s to you looking and feeling fantastic.

IanB loves paleo weight loss success stories!

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My Paleo Weight Loss Success Story

Long before I ever heard about Paleo for weight loss I started looking at what I was eating and realised it really wasn’t doing me any good! I wasn’t hugely overweight, just a bit of belly fat I wanted to lose, but I simply wasn’t feeling good. I was getting plenty of exercise and sleep, but still waking up tired – I needed at least two cups of coffee to get me going. And then by 3pm I’d be falling asleep at my desk and needed more coffee and chocolate to get me through the day!



But I wasn’t quite there yet…

Low Carb Diets

I’d heard of low-carb diets and thought maybe that would be the answer. At the time I was eating a lot of bread, pasta, rice and cake – lots of cake! So I just cut all that out of my diet.

Which was okay, to a point. I did lose some weight and I did have more energy, it felt pretty good. The trouble was I didn’t know what to eat any more! I’d gone from living on spaghetti bolognaise, curry and rice, risotto and sandwiches (and cake!) to… well that was just it, I didn’t know. I had no plan, no recipes and no idea what I was supposed to be doing! Over the months I drifted back to my old way of eating.

The Paleo Weight Loss Plan

A few years later I came across paleo. Weight loss was still not my major concern, it was, once again, low energy and feeling pretty crappy most of the time. I read people’s paleo success stories and decided this was definitely worth trying – but this time I was going to do it properly. I needed a plan!

So I found a paleo diet plan, complete with food lists, meal plans, plenty of delicious recipes and a definite plan of what I needed to do to stay on track. Yay!!

Paleo Weight Loss Success!

As I say, weight loss was never my highest priority, and yet I did lose weight. I also started to gain lean muscle in my arms and shoulders and the belly fat disappeared. Result! Just as importantly for me, I started to feel great – waking up feeling refreshed and plenty of energy all day. Awesome!

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And it’s not just that I lost weight and felt great – I still do! The paleo weight loss plan is so easy to stick to, because I’m giving my body the food it was designed to use, that I’m not tempted to go back to eating the way I did. I still love my food, I eat well, as much as I want, and I don’t feel restricted.

Wot no cake?

Actually I still eat cake – just not often, and these days I’ll have a slice, not the whole cake! But mostly I’d rather eat food that’s going to make me feel good. And besides, there are many, many paleo recipes for cake! Paleo ice cream, paleo snacks, paleo treats – oh yes!

The paleo diet doesn’t feel anything like the average weight loss diet, and yet it’s probably the best weight loss plan you’ll ever find. You just need to get a plan…

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Now can you see why I love paleo so much?

Here’s to your awesome paleo weight loss success!

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