About Me

IanB says paleo weight loss rules!


Who am I?

Hey, IanB here – I’m glad you stopped by, and I guess you’re probably wondering who I am, so…

I’m a writer and photographer, sometimes a graphic artist and web-designer too. I live in the far south-west of Cornwall in the UK, having escaped the City (Bristol, in my case) at a fairly young age.

The ‘B’, by the way, is for Barnfield, but that’s far too much to type all the time so I usually write as IanB.

My current focus is on helping people to live the life that they really want to live, living life on their terms, and experiencing more joy and beauty in their lives. And I also happen to be passionate about the paleo diet! Paleo weight loss results can be spectacular and success stories abound. I’ve shared some more of my personal experience with the paleo diet in this post: My Paleo Weight Loss Success Story

I love my food, both the cooking and the eating of it, and I love to research and share what I’ve learned.

So here I am, doing this. I hope you find it useful.

IanB loves paleo weight loss stories!